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01. the snake top
02. top with ribbon
03. ribbon tube
04. GoJane dress

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welcome to
Monday, June 30, 2008
10:15 PM

Hello all!

Ever wanted to share or strut off your latest buys, the cutest clothes and your favourite piece of clothing to the world?

Well, worry no more cuz thefashionavenue is here to stay! You can feel free to send them every single day and wait for your fabulous picture to be loaded here.

All occasions welcomed! Trips to the park, shopping, downstairs, picnics, proms, Halloween or even the clothes you wear to sleep! You don't have to be a model or get a professional photograph to post(any photo will be gladly welcomed!).

If you are camera shy, you can post the pictures without your face. Privacy will be respected. (:

What more, coming up soon, ever eyed that irresistible top but can't find it in shops? We'll set up a lookout corner where others can send information about it if they came across it.

Exclusive : The advantage for blogshop owners!

You will also be able to leave blog addresses together with the post which can help to increase the number of visits to your site and increase sales when people see something that interests them.

Exchanges of links are welcome! Just drop us a reply with your links and we'll post it up in our links column(links will be in alphabetical order to avoid being baised).

We hope that you'll support us with pictures, share this blog with your friends and make this blog a success!


Simply send in your pictures to

What are you waiting for? Start sending!

Here's a sample of how you can send your photograph.

Top - Price, Place bought
Bottom - Price, place bought
Accessories - Price, place bought
Shoes/heels - Price, place bought
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A short writeup about your dressing / anything else you want to say. (optional)


Graduation Night (:
Sunday, December 9, 2007
2:30 AM

Updates finally :D
All are taken from my(Vig) graduation night (: Which was held at Goodwood Park Hotel

Contributors : Shermaine


Floral Dress - $89, FashionLab
Silver Wedges - $23.90, U.R.S.
Braclet - Unknown, Mum's
Clutch Bag - Unknown, Sis's
Hairstyling - Forgotten, $26

Contributors: Vignette(Left) & Shermin(Right)


Goldish Yellow Gown - Tailored Made, Unknown


Black Dress - $59.90, Chaos
Black Heels - $33.90
Gold Bag - $29.90, St.Louis
Hairstyled - Forgotten, $30
Watch - $70, 25 Hours
Earrings - $18<, A Gift by Lic (Diva)

Vignette & cloudie
Monday, July 30, 2007
1:40 AM

Contributors : Vignette(left) and cloudie(right)


Black Dress - Unknown, Borrowed fron angelic (:
Black Heels - $33.90, Bata
White Watch - $17, 25 Hours


Top - Unknown, Domanchi
Jeans - $139, P.O.A
Shoes - $59+, Converse
Tie - Unknown, A Gift

Lynn & Angelic
12:49 AM

Contributors : Lynn (left) and Angelic (right)


Dress - $100+, IS fashion, Marina Square
Wedges - $50+, Outfitter Girls
Earrings - $6, Diva


Whole Outfit/Dress - $150, Bugis Street
Earrings - $80, Sentiments
Bracelet - $19, Diva
Necklace - $100+, Sentiments
Boots - $60, Ebase

angelic & lynn
12:26 AM

Taken at Vivocity's outdoors.

Contributors : Angelic (sitting) and Lynn (standing)


Green tube dress - $25, Far East Plaza
Bracelet(dismantled and handmade) - Unknown
Necklace - $40+, Sentiments
Note : Tube dress was worn in reverse and is for sale. Click here for original pics.


Dress - $20, online shopping
Bracelet - $60, Betsy Johnson, USA
Earrings - $6, Diva

Note : The dress/top for sale. Brand new ones available. Click here.]

Gregory & Vignette
Saturday, July 28, 2007
2:37 AM

Contributor : Gregory (left) & Vignette (right)


Top - Brazilian Singlet, $59.90, NewUrbanMale
Bottom - Board Shorts, About $50, Billabong[Australia]
Sandals - Brown & White, $49.90, NewUrbanMale


Top - Brazilian Singlet, $59.90, NewUrbanMale
Bottom, Black Demin Skirt, About $30, New Future
Sandals - Black & White, $49.90, NewUrbanMale

Thursday, July 26, 2007
11:22 AM

Contributor : Joel

Top - $200, Fred Perry, Laurel Store @ Ann Siang Hill
Jeans - $129, Cheap Mondays Queen Couture
Bag - $50, Stussy

angelic & lynn - halloween
11:08 AM

Contributors : Angelic (left) and Lynn (right)


Ears and tail - $9.90, Comics Connection
Necklace (glass heart) - $10, Shop in Far East
Necklace (Black Pendant) - $69.90, Sentiments, United Square
White top - $90, KAI, Heeren
Skirt - $8, COAX
Stitch hands and feet - $100+, Disney Fun Fan Amuse, Arcade


Witches hat - $4.90, Takashimaya
Dress - Unknown (sister's)
Flats - $29.90, Unknown
Ghost stick - $2, Daiso
Jack lantern - unknown, Sega Disney Fun Fan Amuse, Arcade
Devil Stick - $5.90, Takashimaya

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
10:33 PM

Contributor : Aucifer

Inner - $75, Zara
Sweater - $100+, British India
Pants - $89, Zara


jia hui
10:12 PM

Contributor : Jia Hui

Inner tee - $36, Natural Project, AMK Hub
Outer tee - $49, Natural Project, AMK Hub
Jeans - $159, Levis
Hp - w800i =p

12:07 AM

Contributor : Nicholas

lip ring - $12, lips/cheeks enterprises far east
polo shirt - $180, polo ralph lauren
jeans - $120, levis
nike shoes - $116, leftfoot cineleisure

Monday, July 23, 2007
11:49 PM

Contributor : Angelic

overall - $60+, Sumairu
jacket - $50+, Sumairu
bracelets - $30 in total, Diva and Miss Selfridge
shoes - $69.90 Converse

looking for 01. snake top
11:22 PM

Here's a unique top. Note : the snake is part of the top and not a necklace. If anyone sees it or anything similar please do drop an email to about its whereabouts!

Also, the mark on the neck is a birthmark and not rashes/etc. (:

Much love,
the fashion avenue

looking for the following two tops
Sunday, July 22, 2007
12:41 PM

Note : Requester is looking for people to sell it to her at a lower rate than shops. (ie. if you don't want/need it, please do so).

GoJane Dress
Saturday, July 21, 2007
2:40 AM

This is dress is from GoJane.

It's so gorgeous and I'm thinking of getting it for my grad night. If anyone of you were to spot a similar piece like this. Email
Much love,
yuuko :D